Combination and Vacuum Tankers

Our vacuum tankers and combination-units are ideal for emptying anything from main sewer systems & petrol interceptors, to cleaning out gullies on roads.

Our large combination-units can empty drainage systems up to a diameter of 1200mm ( 48″ ). Using a high pressure water jet to clear all silt and sludge along the main drain to a convenient access point, the unit then sucks up all the slurry and disposes of it at a suitable licensed disposal site.

Why choose us?

All of our vehicles & equipment are operated by experienced, qualified and DBS advanced checked engineers. They have the understanding and knowledge to effectively operate all our machinery, ensuring that we offer you the most comprehensive, efficient service possible.

Combination tanker used for cleaning and de-scaling of large pipework from 150mm to 3000mm & the capability of removing waste from large & deep catch pits.

Another of our Combination Tankers that is ideal for emptying medium sized catchpits, road gulleys, pipe cleaning & de-scaling and unblocking of pipework 150mm up to 2600mm.

Another Combination Tanker ideal for cleaning catchpits, grease traps, drain cleaning, drain unblocking & de-scaling pipework from 100mm to 2000mm with a large 4000psi at 18 gallons per minute, perfect for restricted access for works being carried out.

This combination tanker is ideal for small catchpits, greasetraps & flooded areas while also being cost effective for DSP Drainage & cost effective for our clients. High Pressure Water Jetting packs are supplied with this unit and can be used for underground carparks or areas with low access.

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